Swabian Pragmatic.

October 2017

Reduce costs with corrosion-resistant stainless steel

In application areas such as the agricultural sector, users must be able to rely on the durability of machinery. But what happens when stones fly up and hit galvanised fittings? When aggressive fertilisers attack coatings?

For this very reason, Volz Group in Deilingen specialises in the use of high-grade stainless steel for its hose and tube connections: “The addition of extremely hard titanium carbide makes manufacturing products in 1.4571 stainless steel more complex. However, only V4A material can meet the highest quality standards,” explains Ralph Wolter, head of marketing at Volz. “Improving protection against corrosion is an important process, because corrosion can result in high costs.” Such challenges, including those in the agricultural sector, can be effectively overcome by using 1.4571 stainless steel. The material remains unaffected by mechanical or chemical influences and outdoor conditions such as weather.