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The first step on the career path:

Our study and training offers.

Finished with school? Then an exciting start to working life awaits you at Volz. Be it a traineeship or dual studies: access all the various career options as part of our exceptional, internationally aligned team.

Already in the middle of studies? Gain valuable practical experience or write your final project while working for us.

Or are you still at school and looking for something to keep you occupied in the holidays? Then get a taste of what we are all about, for example, through pupil work experience or a holiday job. You might just find you discover your passion for the future.

Das sind unsere Ausbildungsberufe:

Interested in applying for an apprenticeship, pupil work experience or taster at Volz in Deilingen?

Simply send your application documentation to our training supervisors:

Eva Riedlinger

Kaufmännische Ausbildung
T +49 7426 939-201

Tobias Schütz

Ausbildung Logistik
T +49 7426 939-508

Argjend Dukaj

Gewerbliche Ausbildung
T +49 7426 939-221

Jörg Löffler

Ausbildung Fachinformatiker
T +49 7426 939-245