Swabian Pragmatic.

August 2018

Double award as “Attractive employer”

In line with the motto “Added value through appreciation”, the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce awards the “Attractive Employer” seal of approval, which is unique in Germany. Volz was promptly distinguished twice with the award. We received the Bronze award for the company as a whole and the Silver award for our in-house daycare centre VOLZ KIDZ.

For the company and the entire workforce, these awards are a massive endorsement confirming that we offer an excellent working environment, not least because the commensurate auditing took place over a number of years and is not just a snapshot in time. The appeal of Volz Group as an employer was evaluated in a total of six different spheres of activity: Management and corporate culture, competency development and qualification, management/promotion of occupational health and safety, family friendliness, remuneration and recognition, and last, but not least, employer branding.

Re-auditing occurs bi-annually and evaluates integration of the concluded measures and the sustainability of any changes. A consistently high level is therefore effectively maintained, while a positive company environment also increases our added value in the long-term. Appreciation plays a key role in this respect. Ultimately, employee satisfaction is undoubtedly the most important company asset.

Further details on the awards: IHK Chamber of Industry and Commerce brochure (PDF)