Successful with tube couplings: distribution partners wanted

The Volz Group is already represented by sales partners in 40 countries. We thus have a presence in the most important markets and want to expand further there. For the comprehensive expansion of our sales network we are looking for new business partners at home and abroad. Make better connections!

The benefits to you as a sales partner

  • You will be selling high-quality products that are firmly established on the market and live up to the highest demands.
  • You will receive tube couplings in carbon and stainless steel from under one roof.
  • Products "made in Germany" mean you always have a strong argument.
  • We are already represented by dealers in 40 countries. We would like
    to expand our presence and are open to your suggestions
    for conquering additional countries.
  • The Volz Group is a solid German family company
    with a high equity ratio and secure prospects
    for the future. A partner that you can count on!