90 years Volz – our history has a future

"Our efforts are geared to ensuring that the fluid engineering industry can still rely on tube couplings 'made in Germany' 100 years from now. Worldwide."

2015 Volz celebrates several jubilees at once:
90 years Volz Group
50 years Volz tube fittings
10 years Volz Australia, China and Turkey
10 years Volz KIDZ

Heavy investments in additional stock and production facilities

2013 Founding of Volz USA in Houston
2012 Founding of Volz Russia in St. Petersburg and Volz Turkey moves to Pendik-Dörtyol / Istanbul (formerly in Esenler and Tuzla)
2011 Founding of Volz Australia in Perth and Volz Turkey in Tuzla
2010 Own label Metric Fittings (MF) for carbon steel tube couplings
2008 Construction of a new logistics centre with production facilities for stainless steel tube fittings
2007 Acquisition of a new production site for carbon steel fittings
2006 Acquisition of a production facility in Wroclaw / Poland
2004 Expansion of the storage capacity for carbon steel fittings by a further warehouse
Establishment of a research and development department
2003 Sigrid Fleig takes over all company shares from Karl Josef und Rudolf Volz
2002 Centralisation of German works in Deilingen
2002 Dr. Christoph Fleig joins the management
1999 Sigrid Fleig, daughter of Karl Josef Volz, joins the management
1997 Founding of a production facility in Wroclaw
1993 Start of direct marketing of stainless steel couplings in Butzbach
1989 Reconstruction measures and modernisations
1975 Expansion of the product range to include industrial balls and pivoting bearings
1969 Continuous expansion of the production facilities at the Deilingen site
1968 First building at the present site
1965 Start of the production of tube fittings
1965 Karl Josef und Rudolf Volz take charge
1925 Founding of the company by Leopold Volz:
production of geer wheels and spring barrels
for the clock industry