Living and working at Volz in Baden Württemberg

Being Swabians, we have strong ties to our home in Deilingen in the Swabian Alps – and if you come here you are sure to like it. Deilingen is a small town situated in the triangle of Tuttlingen, Balingen and Rottweil: In the heart of a green idyll but at the same time close to the A 81. We invite you to develop your career in the metal industry for the long term with Volz.

Optimal connection of family and career

Because even today skilled workers are in short supply here, we react by specifically employing and qualifying women: Career and family can be combined, for example with flexible working time models and with VolzKIDZ, our childcare facility. We have more than 30% women – an unusually high figure in the metalworking industry – not only in production but also in middle and senior management.

Training, studies and career at Volz

We also do a lot for school leavers and apprentices, as well as mentors for students at the Tuttlingen University/Furtwangen Technical College. We allow you to combine not only family and career, but also creativeness and a career in the metalworking industry: You can contribute your ideas, work on your own initiative and quickly rise in the flat make advancements. We are looking forward to meeting you!